Bay Village Police Blotter: December 17th

Bay Village - 

On 12/15/2018, at 00:41 hours, officers were dispatched to Huntington Woods Parkway, near Kensington Circle, on the report of a suspicious male. A male matching the description was found walking in the area. The male refused to identify himself. After being arrested for Disorderly Conduct Intoxication the male persisted in identifying himself only as “Pete”. During the pat down, incident to arrest, a full sized United States flag was found in his right jacket pocket. When asked why he had the flag, he replied, “I always have a flag on me.” It was not until after 20:00 hours that evening that the male divulged his name so that he could be properly identified, processed and then released. The 36-year old Avon Lake resident was charged with Disorderly Conduct Intoxication, Obstructing Official Business and Failure to Disclose Personal Information before being released on bond.

On 12/15, 2018, at 22:06 hours, officers were dispatched to Knickerbocker, near Fordham, on the report that a 24-year old female was drunk, high and out of control. When officers arrived they found a noticeably intoxicated female, crying outside the house. There had been an argument between her and her 21-year old boyfriend, who is also the father of her one and a half year old son. The three of them live with the boyfriend’s mother and were downstairs in the basement when he found text messages on her cell phone related to her intent to purchase marijuana. An argument ensued, with him eventually taking her car keys and disconnecting her car battery in order to prevent her from driving drunk to her sister’s house. This angered the girlfriend, resulting in her striking the boyfriend with a plastic dustpan, cutting him. She was arrested for Domestic Violence and held without bond until being seen by a judge.

On 12/17/2018, at 00:39 hours, officers were dispatched to Bayview Drive on the report of an altercation between a female and her husband of four months. Upon arrival, it was found that the husband had left the home. The wife told officers there had been a Christmas party at the residence earlier in the night. She said the incident began when she had a conversation with her husband’s adult daughter. At one point, the daughter began to cry and called for her father to come up from the basement. The wife said when he came up he appeared to be visibly upset and began to yell at her. When she told him to leave, he pushed her against the wall. She again told him to leave and began to throw some of his belongings outside onto the front lawn. He left once he realized the police had been called. The reporting officer is still gathering information to present to the city prosecutor.

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