Westlake Police Blotter: December 14th

Westlake - 

On 12/9/18 WPD received 2 reports of thefts from customers’ lockers at L.A. Fitness at Crocker Park.  Both male victims had cash taken from secured lockers.  2 petty theft reports were taken.

On 12/9/18 at approx. 1:30AM WPD received a report of an altercation in the parking lot of Dave and Busters on First St.  Officer arrived and separated a male and female who were still yelling at each other.  Neither party would calm down even after officers arrived and both appeared to be highly intoxicated.  The male half also had an active warrant from another agency.  Both the male, a 29yo from North Ridgeville, and the female, a 27yo from Lakewood, were taken into custody for disorderly conduct while intoxicated.  The female earned an additional charge of misdemeanor resisting arrest after she resisted being handcuffed and attempted to bite one of the officers.

On 12/11/18 at about 10PM WPD received a report of a vehicle crash on Rose at Canterbury Rds.  When officers arrived they learned that the at-fault driver fled the scene on foot after saying something about having a warrant.  The 42yo female from Strongsville was located a short distance away.  Not only did she smell strongly of an alcoholic beverage, she was in possession of marijuana.  The female refused field sobriety tests and explained the collision by stating that the other driver was driving too slowly so she ran into the rear of the vehicle.  

Photo courtesy of the Westlake Police Department

She was arrested and offered a breath test which she also refused.  The uncooperative suspect was charged with OVI, hit-skip, Refusing a chemical test after a prior OVI conviction, failure to maintain assured clear distance, and possession of marijuana.


On 12/12/18 a male came to WPD to report that he had his BMW listed for sale on Craigslist.  He received an offer from a male, supposedly from Cincinnati, who was interested in the car.  When the Westlake victim received a check in the mail for over asking price, it was explained that the extra was for shipping costs.  The “buyer” asked that almost $1000 be sent to a person in California via Western Union to set up towing.  After the victim sent the money, he learned that the original check was no good.  The victim still had the vehicle but was out the wired money. 

Later on 12/12, another person was at the station to report that she responded to an advertisement on Craigslist for a house for rent in Colorado.  The victim corresponded to a person via gmail and was even provided a sublease document to sign.  The complainant ended up sending over $2000 via wire transfer.  When the keys to the house did not arrive, the victim began to research what was going on.  It turns out the house was actually for rent on Zillow, but none of the persons whom the victim had communicated with were the actual owners or brokers. 

***Officer’s note: be cautious when buying or selling on Craigslist or other online market places.  If the buyer pays over asking price and asks for return cash or the purchase of gift cards it is probably a scam.  Double check properties for sale or rent on these sites as well.**

On 12/12/18 at approx. 2:50PM an officer stopped a vehicle on I90 for an equipment violation.  While the officer was speaking to the driver and his juvenile brother, indicators of drugs were observed in plain view in the vehicle.  Investigation revealed that the 20yo from Cleveland was in possession of a scale along with suspected marijuana and crack cocaine.  The 20yo was arrested and brought back to the Westlake jail.  The juvenile was transported off the highway and was later turned over to a care giver.  In the jail, the arrested male also was found to possess a crack cocaine rock on his person.  This prompted a felony conveyance charge along with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia complaints.

On 12/13/18 at approx. 3:49AM a resident called to report that a male, dressed all in black, was trying car doors in the area of Bradley Rd.  He ran from the scene before officers arrived.  A short time later, a male matching the original description was located walking in the area.  The male changed his story several times indicating that he was walking from North Ridgeville to his current residence, the Super 8 Motel.  He also said he was coming from an unknown wedding chapel but did not have a reasonable explanation why he was out at almost 4am.  Officers found that the male had an active warrant from Bratenahl PD and was also in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  The 30yo from Richmond Hts was arrested for the drug charges and transported to jail.

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