Ohio Terror Plots Foiled by the Fed

Elizabeth LeCron

(Cleveland) - A resident of tiny Holland, Ohio, in Lucas County, is now in federal custody, and will face a series of charges in relation to the planning of a mass shooting at a synagogue in Toledo.

Joseph Damon is 21-years-old. The FBI says Damon became radicalized over a series of months of watching and reading ISIS propaganda online. He had recently insisted on being called 'Abdullah Ali Yusef,' and had purchased weapons from undercover agents,  specifying a synagogue in Toledo, where he would stage a mass killing that echoed the recent Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh.

Damon expressed admiration for that Pittsburgh shooter on his social media accounts, and also shared ISIS propaganda videos, posed with various weapons, and railed against gays and Catholics, as well as Jews.

In a separate case, the FBI has also arrested a 23-year old Ohio woman who talked to undercover agents about her desire to stage an attack on her workplace, and also on a bar in Toledo. Online, 23-year-old Elizabeth LeCron fancied herself a champion and admirer of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof. Federal agents surveilled LeCron as she went to various retail businesses, buying the ingredients for a 'dirty' bomb.

Photos: Courtesy of the the FBI

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