Myles Garrett Closing In On Sack Record

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

DL Myles Garrett:

On how meaningful it would be to set the Browns single-season sack record:

“Honestly, I have not been thinking about it. I am just trying to get as many as I can. For me, the bar is the guy at the top and exceeding him – not the sack record because once you pass that, it is still more season to go, hopefully.” 

On Rams DT Aaron Donald not making it easy to lead the league in sacks:

“Not at all, but nobody wants it easy. Everything that is great, you have to work for.” 

On if he is aware of what the Browns single-season record is:

“Fourteen. I just have not thought about [breaking it].” 

On if Panthers QB Cam Newton is as big as him:

“Pretty close. He is 6-5, 245. I have probably 30 pounds on him, but he is full grown (laughter).” 

On if he won’t be able to bring down Newton with one arm like he did Texans QB Deshaun Watson last week:

“I never know until I try (laughter).” 

On if he was aware there was no horse collar penalty if the QB is in the pocket:

“Oh yeah (laughter).” 

On players saying that rule should be changed:

“He does not have any momentum going so it is not like it is going to harm him in other than his head hitting the ground.” 

On if there was another option for tackling Watson on that play:

“When the guy has my other arm occupied, I do not think so.”

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