Governor John Kasich talks about Lordstown

(Cuyahoga County) - In an appearance at the Cleveland City Club, Governor John Kasich addressed the end of production at the General Motors Lordstown Plant. 

He said workers can't entirely blame GM for a car that consumers just didn't want to buy, and to make matters worse, the Trump Administration's tariffs made the Chevy Cruze even more expensive. 

Kasich says he was able to speak with GM CEO Mary Bara about the need to either bring a new vehicle to Lordstown, or possibly even selling the plant to a foreign buyer. 

In any event, Kasich warned that displaced employees need to be open to being retrained, because new technology will prove to be disruptive in the workplace for years to come. 

Kasich suggested reshaping school curriculum to be more targeted and career specific, having businesses adopt schools, and placing business executives on the boards of public school districts. 

As to his own future, Kasich said he's not sure about his next move, but will be active on the national scene.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Governor John Kasich

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