As The Holiday Season Begins, The Nation Mourns The Loss of A Leader

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As this country enters the holiday season, Americans are taking time to remember what they are thankful for. In addition to their families, family, and health, Americans should also be thankful for the stable peace that the country has experienced for a century.

George Herbert Walker Bush had a whole lot to do with that peace, and the country it has occupied over the years. 

The 41st President of the Untied States passed away this weekend, he was 94.

Many lessons can be learned from the former President, Vice President CIA Director, UN Ambassador, and Congressman. However the most important lesson is that is always room for kindness, compassion, civility, and humor even in the most stressful of situation.

He befriended his political rival, Bill Clinton, despite losing the 1992 Presidential Election to the Arkansas Democrat. While in office, he embraced Dana Carvey, despite the comedian's less than flattering impression of the World War 2 Veteran.

In this current era of identity politics, American people and lawmakers have gotten into the habit of insulting their enemies, instead of working with them. President Bush brought a special kind of class and civility to one of the toughest jobs on Earth. 

There are so many threats to the country that President Bush served for 70 years. If these threats come from international neighbors, or from within America's own borders, America and its leaders are going to have to work together to protect this country.

There is far more that unites us than divides us.

Maybe this is the lesson that this country can learn from one of it's greatest sons.

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