Crown Point Parkway Lit Up Once Again For Holidays

Strongsville - What started as a few lights and a request from a spouse for more, has led to an entire street jumping on board in one of Northeast Ohio's most magnificent light displays.

Dan Hoag started the tradition over 30 years ago on Crown Point Parkway in Strongsville. "Most of what you see here is one of a kind. The items have either been homemade or discontinued, it's truly a great hobby and I get to share it with everyone," says Hoag.

Hoag does say a few homes have dropped off in recent years, but most of the street still partakes in the holiday festivities. That also includes a chance to meet Santa and hot cocoa on the weekends for just a dollar.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

"I mean the set up is amazing, look at all the different decorations and moving parts. It's magical, definately worth getting out of your car and taking a walk around," says couple Tony and Michelle, who visit the lights every year. 

You can check out our Facebook Live tour of the lights below.

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