Akron Tragedy: Teen Shooting, Suicide

Akron Police

(Cleveland) - Akron police say a 15 year old boy accidentally shot his 14 year old friend and then, thinking the friend was dead, committed suicide.

The accidental shooter has been identified by the Akron Coroner's Office as Arnez Kendrick. Kendrick was in the basement of a home on Grand Avenue when he pulled out a gun and accidentally shot his friend, a teenager whose name is still being withheld at this writing. A despondent Kendrick then turned the gun on himself. Friends and family say there was no animosity between the two boys.

That 14-year-old shooting victim survived, but is hospitalized in unlisted condition.

The first public statement made by Akron Police after the shootings mistakenly said that both teenagers had died at the scene. Later on Thursday, the department apologized to the families of the victims for the mistake.

Photo: Courtesy, Akron Police Department

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