GM Delivers A Gut Punch To Lordstown

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Yesterday, General Motors announced that it was going to close 5 plants across the country, including the company's plant in Lordstown, OH.

For the 1,500 workers that worked at the Lordstown plant, this is the worst possible news, especially while families gear up for the holiday season.

Only time will tell how much losing this plant will hurt the Youngstown region. But, lawmakers in Washington and Columbus are pushing for General Motors to keep their facilities online. Threats of eliminating tax breaks and other sanctions may keep GM in business in American communities, however they are no obligation to stay.

As evidenced by it's actions over the last few days, General Motors can do whatever it wants. Though it may seem like the automaker answers to no one, there is something that can be done. Americans that go out and buy cars will have to ask themselves if they would like to do business with a company that has turned it's back on the White House, Congress, and the American People.

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