Couple Arrested For Breaking Into Elyria School

Elyria - Elyria Police Detectives arrested 46-year-old Randy Messer Jr and 46-year-old Michelle M. Slagle Tuesday for breaking into Northwood Middle School on Thanksgiving.

On November 22nd, Elyria Police received a complaint that suspects broke into Northwood Junior High School, at 700 Gulf Rd. in Elyria. Security footage captured a white male and white female in the area of the school during the time the break in occurred, while additional security footage showed the man inside the school. Messer and Slagle broke a glass window located on the south side of the school to gain entry inside. 

Slagle was arrested by Elyria Police Wedensday at the Lorain County Jail after confessing to the crime. Lateron in the day, Messer was contacted by phone and agreed to turn himself in too.

Following his arrestMesser confessed that he broke into Northwood to gain access to change in the vending machines. Messer also confessed that he broke into the Elyria Roll Arena off Cleveland Street and the North Abbe Road Drug Mart back on November 5th.

Messer and Slagle are struggling with substance abuse and committed these offenses to support their drug habit. Messer admitted that he used a crowbar to pry open the vending machines inside or near these businesses to steal change located inside the machines. Messer and Slagle will face additional charges for the November 5th break ins at the completion of those investigations.

 Both face fifth degree Breaking and Entering charges for the Thanksgiving incident.   

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