The World, And History, Are Looking At The Migrant Caravan

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Tensions are mounting at the US-Mexico border. While many, including The President, have spoke about what what actions will be taken when the 5,000 caravaners hit the southern border, no one was sure what was actually going to happen.

Over this weekend, that question was answered.

Sunday, images of mothers and young children fleeing tear gas bombs thrown by US Border Patrol agents. With all the rhetoric about this caravan containing drug dealers, gang members, and other criminals, it must be remembered that the overwhelming majority of these human beings are just trying to find a better life. 

If a neutral observer looked at this situation without any knowledge of the parties involved, that person would be very confused about who is the hostile group. 

Situations like this happen because there is no clear plan of action, and hopefully the images coming from Tijuana will be enough for leaders to handle this flood of humanity. 

But, when Congress come up with a solution, and journalists, pundits, and the public judge how they handle the poorest of the poor, another form of judgement will come.

Let's hope for everyone involved that our leaders can come up with a solution that this country can be proud of.

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