Mayfield Heights Arson-Murder Suspect Charged

Dominique Swopes

(Cleveland) - Mayfield Heights police have arrested and charged a suspect in the murders of 40 year-old Rebecca Pletnewski and her 8 year-old daughter, Olivia Schneider. Pletneswki was murdered in her home on Longwood Road on November 20th, with her house then set on fire.  Her daughter, Olivia, then died of smoke inhalation.  Swopes, a neighbor of the victims who had reportedly been stalking Pletnewski, was questioned by police on the same day as the killings, but was let go until enough evidence could be processed at the fire scene to make an arrest. He was finally arrested late Friday. He faces two counts of aggravated murder, as well as an arson charge.

The funerals for Pletnewski and her daughter were held Monday Morning at Church of the Gesu in University Heights.

Photos: Courtesy of Mayfield Heights Police Department; WKYC Television

Rebbeca Pletnewski and Olivia Schneider

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