As The Migrant Caravan Makes Their Way, The President Is Critical At Home

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While we shift our focus to the 2020 Presidential Election, the President has to figure out a way to repair his relationship with the Latino Community. One of the most effective, and meaningful, would be to come with a solution for the migrant caravan. 

These migrants, who are beginning to gather in Tijuana, are not the vicious criminals they are made out to be. They are doing what countless generations have done, coming to this country looking for a better life.

But while the President Trump is trying to solve the problems with his country's southern border, he is facing even more issues within Washington.

It may not be the best look to criticize the man who commanded the operations to get Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but this door was opened when Admiral McRaven waited into the political waters. While The President has every right to defend himself against political attacks, he should stay away from the Admiral's exemplary military record.

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