Four Arrested for Pike County Murder of Eight

Pike County murder site

(Cleveland) - Four family members have been arrested in the murder of eight people in the small Southern Ohio town of Piketon, back in 2016. The family whom has been arrested, the Wagners, lived near the place where the bodies were found two years ago. They quickly thereafter moved away, with authorities finding and arresting them in Alaska. 

Those murder suspects have been identified as 47-year-old George 'Billy' Wagner, his wife 48-year old Angela Wagner and their two adult children, 27-year old George Wagner and 26-year old Edward Wagner.

The victims were six members of the Rhoden family: Chris, his wife Dana, their three kids, Hanna, Christopher and Frankie - ages 16-20 - as well as two adult family members, Kenneth and Gary Rhodes, and Frankie Rhodes' fiance, Hannah Gilley.

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Photo: Courtesy, ABC 6 TV, Columbus, OH

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