Westlake Police Blotter: November 11th

Westlake - 

On 11/2/18 at 0908AM WPD received a call from a concerned citizen reporting that she almost struck a mountain lion as it crossed the roadway on Crocker between Center Ridge Rd and Lorain.  North Olmsted and Westlake officers checked the area but could not locate any roaming animals.

On 11/2/18 within 1 hour WPD investigated 2 motor vehicle accidents which were each caused by impaired drivers.  At 9:51PM a 44yo driver from North Ridgeville admitted to officers that he “messed up” by running into the rear of another vehicle on Crocker at Union Sts.  The investigation revealed that he was intoxicated.  He was charged with OVI and Assured Clear Distance but later refused a breath test.  While officers were dealing with the first drunk driving collision, another 911 call came into the dispatch center at 10:25PM.  Another crash had occurred at Walter and Westwood Rds.  When speaking with the operator of one of the vehicles, which had struck the other from behind, officers detected signs of impairment.  The 24yo from Westlake was field tested and arrested for OVI.  He later tested almost 2x over the legal limit of alcohol on his breath.  Luckily, no one reported any injuries in either collision.

On 11/3/18 at approx. 8:30AM an officer noted suspicious behavior in the Red Roof Inn parking lot.  A vehicle was stopped leaving the area after they committed a traffic violation.  After observing criminal behavior indicators, a Westlake PD K9 sniff of the vehicle prompted further investigation.  

In all, over 1 Kilogram of illegal THC/cannabis oil in cartridges was recovered from the vehicle.  Follow-up led to a room at the Red Roof Inn where it appeared that the subject was manufacturing the drugs.  Paraphernalia including chemistry beakers and written instructions were recovered.  In addition, over 3 additional kilograms of THC oil was located.  A 26yo male from Napolean, MI was charged with trafficking and illegal manufacture of drugs, both felonies.  A 25yo female from Bay Village, who had rented the room, was charged with felony complicity for the same offenses.  It is estimated that these narcotics would sell for over $100,000 on the streets. 

On 11/3/18 at 11:10AM WPD received a call about a deer stuck on fencing on Tricia Dr.  Officers responded and freed the animal which seemed unharmed as it fled the area. 

On 11/5/18 at approx. 1:04AM officers responded to an alarm at the Stonehouse Grill on Center Ridge Rd.  Upon arrival, it was found that a glass door was smashed in. 

The suspect, who had entered the business, was gone before the officers arrived.  Review of the surveillance video showed that one person was inside for less than 3 minutes.  The suspect is described as a white heavier set male, who had been wearing a backpack, gloves and knit cap.  He made off with an undetermined amount of cash.  The scene was processed and video surveillance is still being reviewed.

On 11/5/18 at about 9:04PM an officer took a criminal damaging report at Crocker Park.  A citizen found that their F-150, which had been parked in a surface lot behind Bar Louie, had 2 tires which had been purposefully damaged.  

Photos courtesy of the Westlake Police Department

Officers are following up with a possible suspect.

On 11/6/18 officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been parked occupied on Cedarwood for 15 to 30 minutes.  When officers arrived they immediately smelled burnt marijuana.  The 3 occupants admitted that they had been smoking but their stash was used up.  No one was charged with possession as no other contraband was located.  One of the males, a 22yo from Westlake, was found to have an outstanding warrants from Westlake and Fairview Park PDs.  He was arrested for the warrants.  The others were advised and sent on their way.

On 11/8/18 a caller reported that she had all 4 tires slashed while parked at Houlihans Restaurant on Detroit Rd.  Also her driver’s side mirror had been smashed.  A report was generated.  There are no suspects at this time.

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