How Many More Shootings Have To Happen Before We Admit The Truth?

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For the second time in fourteen days, the Nation mourns a mass shooting. 

Exactly two weeks after, and almost 2,500 miles away from the Tree Of Life Synagogue shooting in suburban Pittsburgh, the town of Thousand Oaks, California was devastated by a shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grille that killed 12.

While the frequency of these shootings increase, it is easy to become desensitized. However, it is imperative to remember the human cost of our interpretation of the second amendment. 

As the number of shootings and victims pile up, gun violence has become a cancer in many ways, ravaging this country from the inside out. It also seems harder and harder to find someone who hasn't been affected by it. 

There is not just one reason why senseless tragedies like this happen. Like cancer, it is a destructive culmination of many things. Mental health treatment, VA Reform, and community policing will be discussed, but the NRA's role in advocating unlimited access to firearms cannot be ignored.

The writers of the Second Amendment could not fathom the killing power of today's firearms. Breech loaded muskets have evolved into semi automatic assault rifles and extended ammunition clips for handguns. All the while, The National Rifle Association has ignored the welfare of millions of Americans while advocating for an archaic clause in the Bill Of Rights.

But, for the time being, Americans will continue to wonder how to solve this massive and complex problem. A problem that doesn't exist on this level in any other developed country on this planet.

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