The President Wants To End Birthright Citizenship, But Can He?

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In a recent interview with Axios, President Donald Trump said that he would be in favor of ending birthright citizenship (the law that says anyone born in the United States is a citizen) as a way to curb illegal immigration, and said he could end it an executive order.

Though the President says he can end the policy with just his signature, it may not be that simple. Birthright citizenship, along with all other laws pertaining to citizenship, are outlined in the section one of the 14th amendment of the US Constitution

To repeal an amendment, Congress and the President has to propose an additional amendment to that repeals the previous one. 

To amend The Constitution, it needs to be passed by two thirds of both the House of Representatives and Senate, or  by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. After that, three quarters of the states must pass it. The only amendment to be repealed with the 18th amendment (prohibiting the sale of alcohol), done by the 21st amendment.

The questions asked shouldn't be legal, they should be ethical. This has always been a country of immigrants. and to change that would change this country forever. We have to remember that no matter the politics, they are human beings.

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