Christmas Ale Is Back

Ohio City - The snow hasn't fallen yet, but it's feeling like Christmas in Cleveland.

Thursday marks the annual first pour of Great Lakes Brewing Company's Christmas Ale.

The seasonal beverage, known to be a spicy holiday beer featuring hints of cinnamon, honey and ginger, has been around since 1992, and has won multiple awards over the past two decades. 

"The hard part technically is over for us now, now we get to enjoy all the work we've put in since July," says Head Brew Master Mark Hunger. 

In 2017, over 7,000 pints were served at the first pour event, which runs from 11:30am Thursday until Midnight. You may even see someone from the North Pole show up to keep your spirits up in the cold.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

Christmas Ale hits the shelves on Monday, October 29th. To find out more about the award-winning beer, click here.

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