Mega Millions Record Drawing Set at $970 Million

Brook Park - If a pair of numbers turn up in your favor Friday night, your life could change forever.

The Mega Millions jackpot has hit a record high of $970 million, with the Powerball piggybacking in at $430 million. 

Lotto buyers lined up in bunches at the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Smith and Snow roads to purchase their tickets. Some buying just a single ticket for two bucks, while others spent as much as $80 for a chance at a change in their bank accounts.

Of course people also come to the station to get Ellie's signature blessing, something she's done for nearly all of the 17 years she's been employed at the station.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

"Maybe one or two other times, but otherwise I've never seen lines like this for the lotto," says Ellie, who also told us at one point during the U.S. record $1.6 billion Powerball drawing in 2016, a line stretched out the door and down the street in the middle of winter. The winnings in that instance were split among three people.

If you do win, which odds say you won't, the cash payout for the Mega Millions stands to be well over $500 million. 

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