Hough Bakery Bash at Pinecrest this weekend

(Cuyahoga County) - A fundraiser is being held for Archie's Bakery which is carrying on the tradition of Cleveland's legendary Hough Bakery, which ended operations in 1992. 

Owner Archie Garner was a baker at Hough and is using the original recipes at his shop on Lake Shore Boulevard in Cleveland. 

However, his business is being threatened by a rent strike, and may have to relocate, but might not have the funds to do so. 

To help out, Sweetie's Big Fun in the Pinecrest Shopping Center is selling all their Hough Bakery memorabilia this weekend. 

Organized Steve Presser says they have a wealth of Hough merchandise, with the proceeds going to Archie's Bakery. 

The Fundraiser runs from 10am to 10pm Friday and Saturday, and from 11am to 7pm on Sunday.

Pinecrest Shopping Center

(Photo by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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