As Questions Are Raised About Khashoggi, The US Must Be Prepared To Answer

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As the Saudis try to get their story straight, it becomes clear that Jamal Khashoggi met an untimely end in a Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. While no official word has come down, many around the world have already started to point fingers at the Saudis, including Turkish President Erdogan, who said the journalist's death was caused by a interrogation "gone bad."

One of the few who haven't harshly criticized the Saudi Government is President Donald Trump. Like most American leaders in the past, The President has steered away from criticizing one of this country's biggest business partners.

The time for playing ball with them has passed, the President must show the rest of the world that no government will be complicit in an American Journalist's death.

While Secretary Pompeo and the rest of the State Department try to figure out what's going on, we can only hope that The President will be able to punish those responsible.

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