Willoughby Hills City Council returns to work

(Lake County) - Six members of Willoughby Hills City Council were back on the job after going to court.  

A judge granted a restraining order Tuesday against Mayor Robert Weger, blocking his attempt to overhaul council on his own.  

Weger said he followed the city charter in booting the lawmakers for gross misconduct, but the judge ruled his interpretation of the charter appears questionable.

Thursday night, it was city council's first town hall and meeting since the 6 lawmakers were fired by the mayor, and then reinstated. 

Many citizens took sides, and at one point tempers flared, resulting in two residents being removed by police officers. Mayor Weger was not present for either session. 

Some residents called for cooperation, and asked that the mayor and city council move forward for the betterment of Willoughby Hills and end their bickering.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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