Bay Village Police Blotter: October 10th

Bay Village - 

On 10/02/2018, at 15:16 hours, a Bay Village resident came to the station to report he had written a check to himself, for $16,000.00, from one banking account and mailed it to another bank. The check did not arrive. The bank the check had been sent to had no record of the check being received. The bank from which the check had been issued reported the check had been cashed and the $16,000.00 withdrawn from the account. The case has been referred to the Detective Bureau.

On 10/07/2018, at 03:00 hours, an officer stopped a black Dodge Caliber on Lake Road near Breezewood Drive after observing multiple traffic violations. As the officer spoke to the driver, he noticed an unsealed glass bottle of Ciroc Vodka on the driver’s floor between her feet. When asked about the bottle the driver said, “Oh shoot, that was my friend’s. She is not with us anymore.” When asked if she had been drinking the 24-year old from Lorain said she had beer and mixed drink. After failing the field sobriety tests she was arrested OVI. While performing the vehicle inventory prior to the tow, another open bottle of alcohol, Paul Mason Brandy, was located under the driver’s seat. After being processed at the police station the female was released on personal bond to a sober adult.

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