Westlake Police Looking For Red Bull Robber

Westlake - Westlake Police are searching for a man who almost made off with a hefty load of energy.

On September 20th,  the owner of the BP at Columbia and Detroit roads called police to report an attempted theft of four cases of Red Bull Energy Drink. 

A few minutes earlier, a black male entered the store and brought two cases of Red Bull to the counter. While he was distracting the clerk with small talk, a white male entered the store and gathered two additional cases of Red Bull from the coolers. The white male walked toward the doors and the clerk and owner noticed that he was attempting to conceal himself behind other merchandise. They went to speak with the white male, who appeared that he was going to leave with the cases. The suspect said that he was "not going down for this" before he dropped the Red Bull and fled across Detroit road. 

Photos courtesy of Westlake Police Department

During the commotion the black male also left the store without merchandise.  If you have any identifying information on the suspect, you can call Westlake Police at 440-871-3311.

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