Violent Night in Ohio City

Ohio City Shootings

(Cleveland) - Three people were shot, including the initial shooter himself, after a dispute over a cell phone late Monday night in the Ohio City neighborhood. Police say 32 year old Deontre Pace picked a fight with 66 year old Talib Saheer, as both were standing in Market Square Park, near the West Side Market. Witnesses say Saheer initially left the scene, but then returned with a .38 revolver and began firing at Pace, hitting him in the chest and arm, but also hitting a female bystander in the forehead.

Saheer himself was shot with his own gun, as Pace tried to wrestle the gun away from him.

All three survived the incident, though the female bystander will require surgery. Saheer is charged with Felonius Assault and illegal concealed possession of the gun. Pace is also charged, with interfering with police business, which reportedly has to do with the initial dispute.

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