Another "Creative" Sentence From Lake County Judge

Painesville - A Lake County judge known for his "creative" sentences has dished out another one Tuesday.

Painesville Municipal Court judge Michael Cicconetti gave 19-year-old Cody Scott two choices after the teen pled guilty to criminal mischief. Those were one, serve ten days in jail, or two, mow the Fairport Harbor High School football team's practice field. Scott chose the ladder, but of course there was a twist.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

Scott will have to mow the team's practice field with that push mower Wednesday morning. 

Cicconetti reduced the sentence, which could have been up to 90-days in jail for Scott mowing obscenities into the grass outside the high school, due to Scott's cooperation with the court and his general feeling that the teen was sorry for what he did. 

As part of the sentence, Scott must also keep employment, stay out of trouble and work to get his GED. 

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