Proposed "Saniyah's Law" Meant to Hold Parents Accountable

Saniyah Nicholson

CLEVELAND - Marshawnette Daniels, the mother of a 9-year-old girl who was fatally shot earlier this year, is proposing a new law in honor of her daughter.

Saniyah Nicholson as fatally shot as she waited inside her mother's car outside of gym on Lee Road back in June.

Her mother was inside thy gym picking up her son from practice when shots rang out, with Saniyah caught in the crossfire.

Six suspects including three juveniles were taking into custody in connection with her death, and Daniels says their punishment will not be enough. That's why she wants to enact "Saniyah's Law."

The law would hold parents accountable for the criminal acts of their children, under the age of 18, with a penalty of jail time.

If implemented, parents could end up paying medical bills, funeral expenses, property damage and counseling for victims of their children's crimes, as well as for post-crime clean-up.

In a press release, Daniels explained why it was so important to propose the law:

"This law is very important to me because it puts the responsibility and accountability back on the parents. If we as parents are held accountable for our children actions. I believe it would cut down a lot of crime among youth. The law will make parents be parents."

There is a major presentation of the   the Saniyah law proposal  Saturday September 8th at The Lion of Judah Church in Maple Heights.

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(image courtesy Cleveland PD)

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