U. of Akron Cutting Programs, Changing Deans

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(Akron, OH) - In the wake of the elimination of 60 graduate-level degree programs in recent days, the University of Akron has announced that the Dean of the School of Engineering will resign his position, effective Friday.  The U.A. Trustees approved the cost-cutting measures, which will also eliminate about 20 undegraduate degree tracks, in a meeting on August 16th.

The university's interim President, John Green, reportedly encouraged any college dean that did not support the program cuts and policy changes to resign from their post. That's exactly what Dean Don Visco did, though he'll remain a member of the  university's faculty as a tenured Professor of Chemical Engineering. 

Those program cuts represent about 20 percent of the overall degree programs offered by University of Akron. According to recent figures provided by the university, the school is operating at a 16 million dollar deficit over the next fiscal year.

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