Drugs, Shotgun Recovered After Traffic Arrest

Westlake - Multiple arrests made stemming from a traffic violation in Westlake.

A vehicle was stopped on Crocker at Clemens for a traffic violation.  The driver and lone occupant had no driver’s license and had an active felony warrant out of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department.  

Crack pipes and drug paraphernalia were found in the vehicle.  A 33-year-old man from Westlake was arrested for the paraphernalia and warrant.  

The investigation of this male led to an apartment on Detroit Rd associated with the arrested person. Additional crack drug paraphernalia and hypodermic needles were found, including a 12 gauge shotgun and crack cocaine.  

The 30-year-old female resident of the apartment was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine.  The original arrested male was charged with having weapons under disability, a felony of the 3rd degree.

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