Bay Village Unsolved Murder Podcast

Amy Mihaljevic/ Credit: Bay Village Police

(Bay Village)- Could a new podcast help solve a decades old murder of a ten year old Bay Village girl? Amy Mihaljevic was abducted from the Bay Square Shopping Center in 1989-- her body found in an Ashland County wheat field the following year.   Now, there's new hope a podcast can generate new clues.  "Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?" starts this week.  Creator and  Independent Reporter Bill Huffman was the same age when Amy disappeared and the case has always stuck with him.  He is hoping to bring some closure to the family.   

There have been new clues released over the years:  the last earrings Amy wore which were never recovered, the boots she had on when she disappeared and, most recently, a curtain police found near her body.  They believe it came from the home where Amy was killed.

Photo Credit: Bay Village Police

Hear news updates at the top and bottom of the hour:

Amy Mihaljevic Blanket/Curtain found near body Bay Village Police
Amy Mihaljevic Clues Bay Village Police
Amy Mihaljevic Shoes Bay Village Police

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