Ohio has among the fewest registered sex offenders

(Cleveland) - A new report by the analysts at A Secure Life has identified Ohio as one of the 10 states with the fewest registered sex offenders per capita. 

They used data from the sex offender registration website, Family Watchdog, to rank all 50 states from those with the highest to those with the lowest number of offenders per million residents. 

Alaska has the most sex offenders per capita with more than 5,000 sex offenders per million residents. 

Delaware is close behind with just under 5,000 offenders per million residents.Their data found that the states with the highest number of offenders per capita are: Alaska, Delaware, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Utah, Kansas, Idaho, and Nebraska. 

Oregon, on the other hand, has fewer sex offenders per capita than any other state—about 100 offenders per million residents. Followed by Minnesota, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Arizona, and Ohio (around 1,500 per one million residents) which is 41st in the nation. 

To come up with the rankings, A Secure Life looked at Family Watchdog data for every state and compared it to the number of residents in that area, and then created a heat map with that data to make the information more accessible to online readers.

(Photo provided by A Secure Life)

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Ohio registered sex offenders

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