Middleburg Hts Assigns Special Counsel To Look Into Mayor

Middleburg Heights Mayor Gary Starr

MIDDLEBURG HTS- The Mayor in Middleburg Heights now has a watch dog.   

City council has voted to hire a lawyer to make sure mayor Gary Starr is transparent in his dealings with the city. 

With one councilman calling it the best day ever, the council agreed to hire law expert Joe Diemert to make sure that they get truthful and accurate information from the longtime mayor and his staff.

Council wants Diemert to look into emails with redacted information, one showing a large payout for an undisclosed investigation, others regarding former Police Chief John Maddox, who is suing the mayor.

Then there's the question of outgoing Safety Director John Ligato, who's lived in North Carolina while holding down his part-time city job.

Channel 3 News Investigator Tom Meyer's story below:

Saying it would be inappropriate for him to comment, Mayor Starr referred all questions back to city council.

(image courtesy City of Middleburg Heights/ Video courtesy WKYC)

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