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Transcript from Mike Annarella, Communications Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.

Statement from John Dorsey on Josh Gordon’s return:


First  off, we are pleased for Josh. His overall health and well-being is what  is most important. We commend Josh for his hard work, commitment and  focus on becoming the best version of himself. We are glad Josh has  reached a point where he can return to our organization, be in our  building and be around his teammates. As he assimilates back to our  team, Josh will initially participate in meetings and conditioning and  will gradually resume all football activities as deemed appropriate.


A message from Josh Gordon:


Dear Cleveland Browns and NFL family,


Thank  you for your love, support, and most importantly your patience as I  took the time needed to ensure my overall mental and physical health.


More  specifically, I would like to thank the NFL, NFLPA, the entire  Cleveland Browns organization, the University of Florida, and my friend  and business manager Michael Johnson Jr for playing such pivotal roles  during this process. This has by no means been an easy road and I’m  extremely grateful to have all of you in my life. 


As  I humbly return to being a member of this team with an opportunity to  get back to playing this game I love, I realize in order for me to reach  my full potential my primary focus must remain on my sobriety and  mental well-being.  


Let’s get to work!


Much love,



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