No Live Legionella Bacteria At St. Columbkille

(Parma) - It's still a mystery as to how at least 12 members of a Parma church came down with symptoms of Legionella bacteria infection, one of whom died.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health has found no live Legionella bacteria at Saint Columbkille Roman Catholic Church.  The air conditioning system, a drinking fountain, and sinks where people wash their hands.  While no live legionella bacteria was found, some dead Legionella bacteria were found.  The Board of Health says that can naturally occur in fresh water supplies.

As a proactive measure, the parish has engaged Osborn Engineering to conduct a thorough review of the church’s air conditioning system and to advise the parish regarding the implementation of the Board of Health’s recommendations.  Osborn Engineering is a recognized expert in this field with expertise and experience in the management of legionella.   

Following the Board of Health’s request, the church building air conditioning will remain out of service until the parish has addressed the Board of Health’s recommendations.  After consultation with the Board of Health, Mass and other parish activities continue to go on uninterrupted and plans are on track for the regularly scheduled opening of the school later this month.

(Photo courtesy St. Columbkille Parish)

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