Dimora Thinks President Trump Could Be His Ticket Out Of Prison

Jimmy Dimora

(Cleveland) - Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, now serving 28 years in federal prison for corruption, believes he has a ticket out of prison.

Dimora, a lifelong Democrat and former local party chairman, believes that indirectly, President Trump's case can help him, by uncovering what he calls the "light of injustice in the federal law enforcement system."

Dimora made that statement in an emailed interview he did with our partners at Channel 3 News.

He said it drives him crazy that it took a Republican president to expose the reality of conflicts of interest in federal law enforcement, and he's hoping that this can be used in his effort to appeal his conviction and sentence.  

Dimora has served six years of his 18 year sentence.  He has two appeals pending.

(Photo by WTAM Staff/File Photo)

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