Rocky River Police Blotter: Open Container At The Pool In The AM

  • On 06/29/2018 at about 9:22 AM police responded to the Beachcliff Place Apartments after staff reported an intoxicated resident at the pool and not leaving when asked. Apparently, the man had been there earlier in the day with open containers of alcohol and left but returned. The man was advised to speak with the manager of the apartment complex. 

  • On 06/29/2018 at about 8:35 PM an officer observed what was believed to be an alcohol sale to an underaged person. A traffic stop was made and the two occupants of the car were determined to be under twenty-one years old and in possession of a bottle of rum and a fake ID. A vaping pen containing suspected marijuana oil was also discovered. Brent Hull, 18-years-old from Bay Village, was charged with the underaged purchase of alcohol, underaged possession of alcohol, and certain acts prohibited; Kevin Joyce, 19-years-old from Bay Village, was charged with underaged possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana. Both were cited and released. 

  • On 06/29/2018 at about 11:30 PM police observed a man stumbling and nearly falling while walking on Detroit Rd. near Wagar Rd. The man was determined to be impaired and has a history of drug abuse. Kaleb Simpson, 28-years-old from New Waterford, Ohio, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct While Intoxicated and held until sober. 

  • On 06/30/2018 at about 4:00 PM police and fire personnel responded to Interstate 90 w/b to investigate a car fire. As reported, a 2008 Buick was on fire, causing two lanes of the highway to be temporarily closed. No one was injured. 2018-01217 Incident is attached.

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