MetroHealth executives host annual meeting

New MetroHealth Hospital Building

(Cleveland) - MetroHealth hosted its annual meeting today, at the Cleveland Convention Center, Ballroom B. They made two major announcements:

1. They unveiled the design of their new hospital to be built at main campus as part of the $1 billion campus transformation. Administrators say the new building will celebrate the healing powers of nature, and will be adaptable to new technology. There will even be a roof-top park for pediatric patients. 

2. They announced the slashing of their opioid prescribing pattern by 3 million pills, and the use of alternative treatments to deal with pain. In addition, they handed out Narcan to everyone at the meeting. They say it’s very unique for a public hospital to do this, on order to save lives, and end the stigma of drug treatment. They are not giving it to people who are addicted or to their family members, or EMS or police officers - they have done all that. They are saying to the general public that the opioid crisis is a big enough deal that we should all be carrying Narcan.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM & MetroHealth Medical Center)

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