Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Announces "CLE VIP" Initiative

CLEVELAND - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame said it would be making a "surprise announcement" this morning, and for Clevelanders especially, it rocks!

Thanks to the largest gift in the museum's history, a $10 million grant from KeyBank, the Rock Hall is launching its "CLE VIP" initiative, which will allow all Cleveland residents to have free access to the Rock Hall for the next decade.

CEO and KeyCorp Chairwoman Beth Mooney said "The opportunity for the residents of Cleveland to be able to experience, learn, share, and explore is so important," adding "We wanted our gift to be about access to this icon of ours."

On-hand Mayor Frank Jackson said: "When he goes to other parts of the country or world, there are three things people mention about Cleveland: The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Clinic, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," before adding "It is not a national icon, it is an international icon."

(image courtesy Getty Images)

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