Westlake Police Blotter: Drugs Found In A Car

On 6/15/18 an employee of Hyland Software reported that the catalytic converter was stolen from his parked vehicle sometime during his daytime shift at the facility.  A review of the video surveillance revealed that the suspect(s) arrived in a red 4 door vehicle, possibly a Dodge Dart.  The investigation is continuing.

On 6/15/18 at approx. 9:26PM, an officer observed a vehicle park in a lot at the corner of Columbia and Detroit Rds.  The odd thing was that no one exited the vehicle for an extended period, but there appeared to be smoke emanating from both open door windows.  Upon checking on the vehicle, the officer easily smelled the strong odor of marijuana wafting in the air.  The 3 Westlake juveniles in the car initially denied having any contraband.  A small amount of marijuana and a smoking pipe were soon located though.  Charges were filed through juvenile court and the parents were all notified.

On 6/16, a resident of Sturbridge Square apartments reported that they had 3 boxes, reportedly delivered by Amazon, stolen from the building.  The total value of the merchandise was approx. $320.  There are no suspects at this time.

On 6/16/18 at approx. 4:30PM, an officer stopped a vehicle on I90 for a traffic violation.  The occupants seemed overly nervous and evidence of drug use was seen in the vehicle.  In addition, the front seat passenger actually had visible track marks on his arms which still had fresh blood streaks.  A search of the vehicle yielded narcotics and drug paraphernalia including scales, needles and a bottle of urine.  All three adults were arrested.  A 33yo male from Sandusky and a 28yo male from Norwalk were each charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  A 32yo female, also from Norwalk, was charged with tampering with evidence and transporting prohibited items into a jail facility as she had unreported needles with her after being brought into the jail. 

On 6/16/18 at 5:57PM a citizen reported that they had been involved in a traffic collision at Bradley and Detroit Rds.  The other vehicle had left the scene but fortunately, they had obtained a license plate number as well as a description of the car.  Officers located the vehicle at the owner’s residence.  Investigation and field tests revealed that the driver who fled had been driving his vehicle while intoxicated.  The 57yo Westlake resident was arrested for OVI.  He refused to take a breath test and was later released to a sober party.

On 6/19/18 patrol officers were following up with suspicious vehicles parked at the Super 8 Hotel on Sperry in 2 different instances.  In the first, the room associated with the vehicle was found to be rented by a 27 yo from Cleveland.  Investigation revealed that he was in possession of a firearm while under disability.  The male was arrested and charged with the F3 offense.  The gun was recovered and entered into evidence.  In the other incident, officers learned that a vehicle in the lot was being used by a person with an active warrant out of our department.  After making contact with persons in the hotel room, the wanted person, a 29yo from Westlake, was located and taken into custody without incident for his warrant.  The female with him in the room, a 19yo from Olmsted Twp, was found to be in possession of numerous narcotic pills, a knife and cash.  Elsewhere in the room officers located suspected methamphetamine, a smoking pipe, and additional drug paraphernalia.  Both persons were arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

On 6/20/18 a caller on I90 reported that as she was driving on the highway, a male in a car next to her beeped his horn to draw her attention.  When she looked over, the male was exposing himself.  The victim exited the highway and the male continued on.  The caller was able to obtain a license plate and description.  Investigators are following up.

(Photo courtesy Westlake Police)

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