D.O.J. Indicts 11 Illegal Immigrants, 8 Captured In Erie County Raid

Eight individuals taken into custody in an I.C.E. raid, earlier this month in Erie County, are among 11 indicted by the U.S Department of Justice.

The 11 people indicted,  were found in Ohio after allegedly reentering the country illegally after previously being deported.

Two of the eight, were originally sent back to Mexico after being convicted of delivering cocaine and trafficking marijuana. 

Back on June 5th, The raid at Corso's Flower and Garden Centers, saw 114 workers arrested.The exact fate of the more than 100 other workers remains unclear, although many are expected to be deported as well.

Three undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, were also indicted. They were taken into custody before the raid at Corso's took place.

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