Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opens new exhibit

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Asian Highlands (WTAM)

(Cleveland) - The $5.8 million Asian Highlands exhibit is open at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It features several new animals, including snow leopards, amur, ped panda, and takin. 

The attraction covers 1.3 acres of land. Asian Highlands includes significantly larger and more complex habitats including climbing structures, elevated platforms, cooling caves and more. 

Included in the new destination is an education plaza, highlighting the conservation issues these species face.Later this summer, the Zoo’s new snow leopard cub triplets will move from their current home at the Primate, Cats and Aquatics building into a specially designed cub yard at Asian Highlands.

Zoo leaders also announced that they are hosting the Asian Lantern Festival for 5 weeks, beginning July 19th. It will feature more than 40 vibrant lantern displays, with Asian performers.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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