Bear Hit And Killed Along I-77 In Akron

By Mark Ralston AFP Getty

(Akron) - It's the time of year when black bears tend to migrate from Pennsylvania into Northeast Ohio to look for food, and bear sightings hav been numerous in recent weeks.

The most recent bear sighting was Tuesday morning in West Akron, where police say a motorist ran into a bear along I-77 near the Vernon Odom Boulevard exit.  The bear was hit about 5:45 a.m. and cleared away by 6 a.m.  The bear did not survive the crash.

On Sunday, a bear was caught digging into a resident's bird feeder in Wadsworth.  

Also on Sunday, a bear was seen in the Trumbull County town of Cortland.  Police took photos of the bear in a city park.

Last month, a driver from Westlake hit and killed a black bear as it darted across the Ohio Turnpike near the Route 5 exit near Warren.  

Bears had been seen before that in Pepper Pike and Brecksville.

(Photo by Mark Ralston/AFP Getty Images)

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