Lead Hazard Placards Going On Hundreds Of Area Homes

CLEVELAND - According to records obtained by The Plain Dealer, in order to comply with a court order, the city of Cleveland will have to placard as many as 400 area homes with lead hazard warning signs by June 23rd.

While the precise number of homes that require the order-to-vacate signage remains unclear, state records from the date of the court order, May 23, investigators with the state and city issued orders to remediate lead hazards to owners of, at least, 503 Cleveland homes.

According to the state, health officials have already issued the orders to 90 of those, posting the warning placards on the properties.

The court says owners that have recently been given the orders, will have 90 days to solve their problems or can ask for an extension of up to a year to comply.

The court also said that the city must assure that the placards, declaring the homes unsafe for human occupation, remain posted and the properties vacant until the hazard no longer exists.

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Those concerned about their legal rights when it comes to lead hazards can contact Legal Aid at (888) 817-3777 or read about their rights on the agencies web site, lasclev.org.

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