Westlake Police Blotter: Cutting The Grass at 1 In The Morning

On 5/26/18 at approx. 1:41AM WPD received a call from a female that her 21yo friend was barely breathing and was turning blue.  Officers responded to the apartment on Detroit Rd and located the unresponsive male.  The male had to be administered several doses of narcan before he began to regain consciousness.  He was transported to the hospital by Westlake Fire.  Investigators recovered a small amount of drugs and paraphernalia from the apartment, including a rolled up dollar bill, loose powder, and pills.  A records check also revealed that the same 21yo male, who resides in Avon Lake, overdosed at the exact same apartment in April.  Warrants for possession of drugs were requested.

On 5/26/18 at approx. 8:22AM a WPD officer stopped a vehicle leaving the Super 8 Hotel on Sperry Rd for a traffic violation.  The driver stopped the car and did identify himself.  When the officer began to investigate indicators of drug use however, the 27yo from Garfield Hts threw the car into drive and took off onto I90 E/B.  Rocky River PD and Fairview PD assisted as the WPD officer pursued the vehicle for several minutes before losing sight of the car.  Warrants were requested for the driver for felony fleeing as well as several traffic violations.  The male driver was located and arrested on 5/29 in Warrensville Hts.  

On 5/28/18 at 2:39AM an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in the area of Bradley and Center Ridge Rds.  When speaking with the violator and his passenger, indicators of drug use were detected.  A search revealed 8 grams of marijuana along with a scale.  The driver, a 20yo from Westlake, was cited with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia along with the traffic violation.  Both occupants were released from the scene.

On 5/29/18 at 1:16 AM WPD received a call for a noise disturbance on Framingham.  A noise disturbance call is not out of the ordinary on night shift.  What was different this time was that the caller was complaining that a neighbor was currently cutting their grass.  Officers arrived and confirmed that the report was true.  The cooperative resident was advised about the noise ordinances. 

On 5/31/18 at about 12:50AM dispatch received a call from the clerk at the Shell station on Crocker at Clemens Rd.  She reported that a customer was causing a disturbance in the store over a dispute involving purchased cigarettes.  The customer had returned to the passenger side of a Mercedes by the time officers arrived.  When the officers spoke with her to determine what had happened, she continued to be argumentative and exhibited signs of being highly intoxicated.  The 33yo female from Westlake was arrested for disorderly conduct while intoxicated.  The driver of the Mercedes indicated that he went into the store to pay for the cigarettes after his passenger got into the dispute with the clerk.  Unfortunately, he also appeared to be intoxicated.  He admitted that he probably should not have been driving.  The 47yo from Olmsted Falls was field tested and arrested for OVI.  He also did not immediately relay to the officers that he was a CCW permit holder in possession of a firearm.  A loaded .380 was located in the glove compartment of the Mercedes.  The male was charged with OVI as well as Improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.  The vehicle was towed and both persons were transported to the Westlake Jail.     

On 5/31/18 at 10:59AM a caller reported seeing a child, under 2 years old, walking alone with bare feet on Cornwell in the area of Clague Rd.  The good samaritan had already attempted to knock on the door to the home down the street where she believed the parents lived.  There was no answer.  Officers were able to contact the parents who indicated that they all had been taking a nap and did not realize the toddler had walked out of the house.  They were reunited.  The parents were charged through Rocky River Court for child endangering and a referral to the county child protective services was made. 

(Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images)

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