Rose Italian Kitchen Coming To Cuyahoga Falls

CUYAHOGA FALLS – Bret Adams, Founder and CEO of Burntwood Tavern and its parent company, Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group (CAPRG) announced plans to open Rose Italian Kitchen in Cuyahoga Falls. The second location of its newest restaurant concept is scheduled to open late 2018.

Conveniently situated within the newly transformed Cuyahoga Falls Front Street Mall, Rose will feature its own artful blend of mixed-use materials of stone and rustic woods complimented by vintage and custom handmade lighting fixtures. The space will provide the feel of an urban farmhouse allowing each guest to have a warm, inviting experience while enjoying family and friends in this already vibrant destination

To maximize its guests’ enjoyment, Rose will feature an arbor-covered terrace and Bocce Ball courts creating a fun outdoor dining experience. “Downtown Cuyahoga Falls is an ideal setting for our guests to enjoy casual dining, shopping and entertainment,” said Adams.

While remaining faithful to the heritage of Italian-influenced foods, Rose will bring their own straightforward interpretations to the seasonal food and drink menus that make them intriguing, yet approachable.

The menu will showcase traditional, made-from-scratch Italian dishes to include an array of pastas, freshly baked pizza and bread, seafood, veal, and homemade desserts. The lunch menu will feature sandwiches and scaled-down versions of select entrees. The restaurant will offer daily specials including fresh fish providing a great value and quick service for lunchtime guests.

“The concept for our seasonally Italian-influenced food is very much related to family and friends. We would like our guests to be able to dine and celebrate with their loved ones and provide them with the best possible options for food they know and love,” explained Adams.

A family-style option on the menu will embrace celebrations and family gatherings and enhance the act of dishes being shared family-style around a table of friends.

Everything in the historic downtown has a story to tell,” Adams said. “And the story of this restaurant is tied to the story of its neighborhood – refreshed, revitalized and bursting with energy.

A weekend Brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday will feature 5 Bloody Mary signatures. Happy Hours will be offered daily showcasing special pricing on both food and drink offerings seven days a week from 3-6pm.

“We are excited to bring Rose to the residents of Cuyahoga Falls. We are humbled by how the city embraced our original concept Burntwood Tavern. We have felt the support and value our company ties to the community, its residents and our guests.”

Adams said that family is at the core of the new concept, noting that the name of the restaurant pays homage to Rosina “Rose” Gentile, grandmother to his wife Michelle, as well as brother-in-law (Joe) and sister-in-law (Julie), both members of his CAPRG admin team.

“Rose passed from this world and left for us the legacy we most treasure -- her love for family, food and friends,” Adams said. “We share her love and passion for serving chef-driven food in an atmosphere where every person is treated as they were guests in our own home.”

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