"Hard Knocks" Calls Browns Their No. 1 Pick

CLEVELAND - Ken Rodgers, Senior Coordinating Producer, with NFL Films says producers of HBO Sports' "Hard Knocks" got their number one pick with this years focus on the Cleveland Browns.

Rodgers joined HBO Sports Executive Vice-President Peter Nelson, Browns GM John Dorsey and Head Coach Hue Jackson in discussing the upcoming reality docu-series.

Rodgers said the Browns hold national appeal, not only for their recent plight, but also the long-standing view of Cleveland as a "blue collar town" and the teams place in the history of the league.

Peter Nelson concurred, calling the Browns "an American franchise" and says they've seen an "overwhelming, positive" reaction to choosing the team as this years focus, adding that "...people love rooting for underdogs and there's a strong, human element to that, that's going to get fleshed out in the show."

While he initially had reservations, General Manager John Dorsey says he likes the idea of showing fans the teams passion coming into the 2018 season.

Coach Hue Jackson, who had appeared on the show in 2009 when he was with Cincinnati, says players are excited to show fans how hard they work and what this years squad is made of.

(image courtesy Getty Images)

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