Queen of Hearts drawing resumes

Grayton Road Tavern WTAM

(Cleveland) - The Queen of Hearts drawing has resumed at Cleveland's Grayton road Tavern, thanks to a favorable ruling from the Ohio Attorney General. 

Tickets went on sale today at several locations. For Patrons Only at the Grayton Road Tavern Thursday-Tuesday 9AM-12AM and Wednesday 9AM-5PM.

Other locations are for the general public. Harry Buffalo North Olmsted and Elyria. Hooley House Sports Pub & Grille Mentor and Copley Township. 

All raffle tickets are $1.00 per ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. 

Ticket sales, locations, and times will be posted online at www.graytonroadtavern.com.

There can only be one name per ticket. Each ticket must include the following:

LEGAL FIRST AND LAST NAME- (No nicknames, aliases, or abbreviations)* Contact phone number, that includes area code

Card number choice* Each ticket must include the above information, otherwise, the ticket will be   invalid and another ticket will be chosen.

Every Wednesday the drawing will take place at 8:00pm at Grayton Road Tavern, unless otherwise posted. 

This Wednesday's jackpot is $500,000. 

Five tickets will be drawn from the tickets purchased that week. Only the first ticket pulled will have the chance to reveal a card on the Queen of Hearts board. 

All other tickets pulled will only receive a prize payout as outlined below and will not have an opportunity to reveal a card on the Queen of Hearts board.For the first time, 5 tickets will be picked at each Wednesday drawing. 

First ticket drawn will get the chance to reveal the card number that they have chosen on the board. If the Queen of Hearts is revealed that person will win 90% of the total jackpot. If the Queen of Hearts is revealed, no additional tickets will be drawn. 

If the Queen of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, or the Queen of Clubs is revealed that person will receive $20,000.00. If any other card is revealed that person will receive $10,000.00

The second ticket drawn will receive $4,000.00

The third ticket drawn will receive $3,000.00

The fourth ticket drawn will receive $2,000.00

The fifth ticket drawn will receive $1,000.00The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly. The prize pool amount based on ticket sales, will be updated and prominently displayed.

The Queen of Hearts game consists of a total of four separate game boards. If the Queen of Hearts is revealed on boards One, Two and Three, the winner will receive 90% of the prize pool. The remaining 10% will be used to continue the contest. 

After the Queen of Hearts is revealed on board number Four the winner will receive 100% of the prize pool and the contest will end. 

Once the Queen of Hearts is revealed no other cards will be pulled.Once a card is selected, it will be removed from play and shown face up on the board. 

Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be destroyed. 

Tickets purchased for that week, will only be valid for that week’s drawing. All tickets will be tracked and verified each week.

The Queen of Heart game board will be locked at all times except for the drawing.All winners are responsible for any and all taxes. A 1099 will be issued.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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