A big opportunity for a Cleveland entrepreneur

Joanne Farinacci - County Fair (WTAM)

(Cleveland) - Today, at the Steelyard Commons Walmart in Cleveland, a local company was surprised with an opportunity to pitch their "Made in the USA" product to the company's buyers in a daylong event called Open Call. 

Walmart assistant manager Chris Love says Open Call is an exciting and unique chance for American entrepreneurs to come to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas on June 13, 2018, to potentially get their product in the hands of millions of Walmart customers.

If selected by buyers, the product could be sold on Walmart stores, and Walmart.com. 

This morning, Cleveland businesswoman Joann Farinacci believed she was coming to Steelyard Commons to pitch her product to store managers in hopes she would be invited to attend Open Call. 

However, Walmart representatives surprised her with the news that she had already been approved to attend the event. 

Farinacci tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, this is the big break she’s been looking for, an invitation to pitch her locally made product in hopes to make it on a Walmart shelf and realize the American Dream.

Farinacci's Cleveland-based company J. Bell Jones LLC produces the board game County Fair, which is like Monopoly, but based on a agricultural setting. 

Farinacci says the goal of the County Fair to teach people about farming and everything that comes with it, in a fun, family friendly manner. 

She's hoping that Walmart will help County Fair become a fixture in millions of American homes.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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