Animal House In Ohio

(St. Clair Township, Ohio) - Alice Molish at first thought she was seeing things.  She looked out her kitchen window Sunday toward a house next to hers, about 40 miles south of Youngstown.  In the window of that house, she saw a goat pawing at the window.

Molish's granddaughter later looked through the windows of the house, and inside, she also saw the goat, plus two lambs, and a number of birds. The dog warden was called in, and also found a "couple hundred" chickens, along with ducklings, cats, a dog, and even a peacock.

The Columbiana County health department said there was nothing they could do, saying it has no jurisdiction inside a home.  The woman renting the house has said she will build a barn on the property to house the animals in the future.  The ducklings have already been released into a nearby pond.

(Photo from YouTube video, courtesy WKBN-TV)

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