Army Sergeant Being Buried In NE Ohio 68 Years After Death

By Tasos Katopodis -Getty Images

(Northfield) – Army Sgt 1st Class Peter Simon will be buried this weekend at All Saints Cemetery in Northfield, 68 years after he was killed in the first major action of the Korean War.

Sgt. Simon’s remains were never identified until recently.  DNA from his late mother was used to confirm his identity.

The oldest living relative of Sgt. Simon is his niece, Dolores Soltesz of Maple Heights.  She says she is grateful the Army never gave up on identifying her uncle, or any other unidentified members of the military. 

Until now, Sgt. Simon had been buried at a military cemetery in Hawaii, identified as Unknown X-1085.

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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